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International Destination Wedding Photographer

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I am an 
International French wedding photographer

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I cover weddings in France and destination for couples who really want that special day to have memories that live up to their expectations.

Since I started over 14 years ago, I had no doubt that I wanted to become an international wedding photographer. I have always loved traveling and nourishing myself by discovering incredible places and cultures on our planet, such as the strength of the elements in Iceland, the colors in India or the purest Maori traditions in New Zealand.

I like to capture this day and write its history. Marriage is a unique moment and unlike any other in the world. This day is so peaceful during the preparations of the bride then slowly increases in intensity to pass at a vertiginous speed on the rest of the day.​

I had the chance to immortalize more than 346 weddings in more than 34 countries and yet my passion and the intensity of such a ceremony have never run out of steam. My favorite moment remains that emotional moment when the groom or the parents discover the bride in her magnificent dress... My discreet but creative style allows me to capture your story while maintaining authenticity.


No matter where your wedding will take place, I will know how to highlight why you have chosen this place and capture superb photos there.

Tell me a bit about your story so I can write a chapter.

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More About
My Mindset

I often tell the photographers I train that you can be the best photographer in the world or have the best contract, if the feeling does not go through, it is useless..

It is essential for me that the feeling between the bride, groom and me is friendly and relaxed. This will allow you to make the most of this magnificent wedding day and for me, it will allow me to capture the most natural and emotional moments.

I am of a discreet nature and I love to observe and take all the natural moments of such a ceremony.

Through my experience of wedding photographer for more than 13 years, I also know how to direct and guide when necessary. 80% of my photos are photojournalism with only candid moments and always with my artistic touch like the play with light. The rest of the time I will naturally direct you towards more artistic photos than I will imagine at the time.

Moments of laughter, tears of joy, unmistakable looks... These are all these moments that always make me love wedding photography so much. My clients often tell me that their photos are emotionally charged and this is the greatest recognition for me because this is what I aspire to.

I will be glad to discuss with you what you imagine for your special day and my vision.

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from Google

Giselle S, Miami

This review is tough to write because there are so many great things to say about David that I’m not sure where to begin.

David is the most compassionate, thoughtful, creative, and emotive photographer I’ve ever worked with. He takes his time and guides you to get the perfect pose. He captures romance and beauty in any setting. Most importantly, the passion and effort he puts into his work is inspiring. This is clearly art creation for him, rather than a job/gig. I highly recommend him for your engagement shoot and wedding. You will not regret this decision. He is worth every penny.

My Services

All my services are without hidden fees. They include my service from your getting ready until the dance party, my travel expenses and all your digitally retouched and optimized photos.

However, depending on your culture and your wishes, your wedding can last much more than a single day and you would certainly like to capture this entire period. I will be glad to offer you my services with a personalized offer.

Depending on the number of guests, I can also offer you a second photographer and even a team of up to 5 photographers for larger events.

I also offer a service for personalities and influential people with a private offer without the dissemination of photos.

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