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ELLE magazine article about DavidZ Photographer. Wedding photographer Los Angeles, wedding photographer Miami, wedding photographer Paris and New York
ELLE Magazine - September 2016

Like a photo reporter, DavidZ captures the moment. As precious as it is ephemeral, it retains it to concern all the emotion and the magic that emanates from it. His artistic vision and his creative soul emphasize the clichés to create the feeling of sharing and emotion that one wishes to remember forever. Discreet but present, it remains faithful to your wishes to offer you photographs that match you, natural, poetic or audacious, as the timeless testimony of an unforgettable day.

ZANKYOU Wedding Digital Magazine - February 2016 

We simply cracked for the photographs of David Z. Autodidact in the soul, the photography is made for him. Specializing in wedding photojournalism, he will travel the world to immortalize in a unique way these wonderful moments that you will live the big day. Its lights, the different angles under which it will photograph you, the areas of dreams in the background that you have chosen, all combine to create magnificent shots that you will never cease to want to watch. In collaboration with the world's most prestigious wedding photography associations, you will only swear by his images. Emotion and complicity are the key to a photographic report that will leave no one indifferent, that's why David, strives to build a true human relationship with you. Reflecting your love story and the most beautiful day of your life, both living, sublime and powerful, his photographs will become your most precious memories.

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DavidZ Photographer Speaker for Nikon
Nikon Fr - Nikon Conference - November 2017

The Wedding from A to Z

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Travel Channel - Article - November 2017

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DavidZ photographer on TV Floride
TV Matin- Floride TV - November 2017

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BTS "Pursuit Of Light" NikonZ ( Campaign  Nikon Europe) - June 2019
"Pursuit Of Light" NikonZ6  ( Campaign  Nikon France & Europe) - June 2019